Case Study

An Efficient and Accurate System for Managing End-Customers’ IT Networking Assets

Discover how a leading telecommunications company engaged with RAY ALLEN, Inc. to create an efficient system for managing IT networking assets, enhancing customer experience and trust.

One of the world’s leading telecommunications giants partnered with RAY ALLEN, Inc.
to deliver an efficient and accurate system for managing their end-customers’ IT
networking assets.

The IT infrastructure industry is in a state of transformation. The rise in virtualization and
convergence of software and hardware has made assets much more difficult to track. This can lead to frustrations from enterprises and managed services as they try to control their IT networking infrastructure and IT spend.

This Service Provider (SP) noticed the trend of the acceleration of digital migration and decided they needed a proactive strategy. They wanted to create a solution that would show their customers exactly which assets they were using, which were being under-utilized, and which they should renew. With these insights, their end-customers could
have a deeper understanding of their IT infrastructure, preventing consumption and compliance issues and enabling them to develop more accurate and cost effective management plans. This SP also knew that this would, in turn, help to build trust and develop a stronger partnership between them and their customers, and enhance the overall customer experience.

To help achieve that goal, this SP wanted to create an asset lifecycle management solution for their customers that would be the first of its kind, and they chose RAY ALLEN, Inc. to design, develop and deliver it for them.

The telecommunications company began developing their in-house asset lifecycle management platform in 2019, but faced several roadblocks as they worked through what exactly they wanted to include in the solution and how to go about it. They were already
working with RAY ALLEN on renewal sales and asset lifecycle management and knew they could trust RAY ALLEN’s thought leadership and expertise to design, develop and manage their next generation ITAM solution.

That’s where they experienced the features and benefits of RAY ALLEN’s solution. RAY ALLEN delivers a variety of platform functionality and managed services to keep all data on the end-customers assets up-to-date and to ensure that, when it’s time to renew, the
process is as straightforward as possible. Some of our platform’s key features include:

  • Tracking and displaying orders, contracts and subscriptions by integrating into the SP’s and manufacturer’s (OEM) order management systems
  • Associating IT asset software licenses with the relevant physical and virtual platforms
  • Importing and tracking all software usage by integrating with various OEM tools
  • Providing key details about customers’ software and hardware asset purchases

Knowing the user experience matters just as much as the effectiveness of the solution, RAY ALLEN designed the SP’s platform so that it had the look and feel of
a proprietary branded platform, launched from the company’s own management portal. This provided a seamless customer experience and journey, directly integrating into the SP’s brand and go-to-market strategy.

This SP decided to extend the partnership because they knew they could rely on RAY ALLEN’s thought leadership and expertise to design, develop, and deliver next-generation solutions for their customers.

Both businesses recognize that the digital transformation trend is not going away anytime soon and that there has been a gap in the market when it comes to ITAM for the hybrid IT infrastructure environment. They will continue to work together to fill this gap, and provide enterprises with an effective solution to manage their IT infrastructure hardware and software licenses. 


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