RAY ALLEN joins Prodapt’s Open Virtual Exchange (OVX) to Strengthen Service Provider Solutions

RAY ALLEN partners with Prodapt's Open Virtual Exchange (OVX) to enhance service provider solutions in digital network transformation. Find out how this strategic alliance accelerates dynamic networking solutions.

RAY ALLEN, Inc., a leading critical infrastructure and networking asset management solutions company, announced its strategic partnership with Prodapt, a leading global technology consulting and managed services provider to the connectedness industry. RAY ALLEN joined Prodapt’s Open Virtual Exchange (OVX) marketplace better to serve businesses in their digital network transformation initiatives. This partnership will combine the complementary capabilities of Prodapt’s existing network services and RAY ALLEN’s asset management technology platform.

Prodapt’s OVX empowers businesses with 360° partnerships offering best-of-breed solutions engineering, technology lab-as-a-service, development, and managed services while enabling users to accelerate new digital service launches.

Service Providers are looking for solutions that decrease the complexity of assets and licenses within the SD-WAN/SASE market, enabling their enterprise clients to consume licenses dynamically. With technology, processes, and services applied to licensing management, on-demand consumption of network functions as a subscription model is feasible. RAY ALLEN’s vendor-agnostic platform will enable service providers to aggregate their assets and licensing data into a single view needed to realize model-driven orchestration of digital network services.

“We are excited to expand our relationship with Prodapt and bring our proven asset management technology and services to the Open Virtual Exchange,” said Todd Ringleman, CEO and founder of RAY ALLEN.  “Our software and hardware asset management solutions ensure a Unified Source of Truth™ visibility for some of the world’s largest service providers, providing governance and compliance within a dynamic licensing environment. Joining Prodapt’s OVX will expand this capability to other connectedness market participants, accelerating the enablement of dynamic, subscription-based networking solutions.”

“The addition of RAY ALLEN complements the entire ecosystem of partners we already have, to enhance the next-gen digital network services manageability for Telcos”, said Rajiv Papneja, SVP & Global Head of Network Services at Prodapt. “For Telcos to transform into TechCos, and offer on-demand subscription-based network-as-a-service, dynamic licensing and software asset management is critical.”


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